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Here you can find a comprehensive set of forms that will help you in making changes to your policy or in filing a claim. To download a form, just click on a link below.

  The following forms are in PDF format, so please make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these forms.

Claim Forms

Select a claim form from the links below. If you need help on which form to use for your claim, visit our “Make a Claim” section. Here we have outlined the process and the documentation requirement for every type of claim.

Individual Policies

You can use the forms provided here to amend your existing policy or to take advantage of some of your policy features. The needed form must be filled by the the policy owner and/or the insured at the head office or the nearest branch or agency 

Group Policies 

If you hold a MetLife Alico policy through your employer, use the forms provided below to make a claim or to request a pre-determination approval. Please note that some of these forms may require verification by your HR Department.