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Awladna (Child Care)

A plan specifically designed to protect your children with financial assistance in case of an accident or illness.

Your children mean everything to you and there’s nothing in this world that you wouldn’t do to protect them. Child Care is a straightforward plan that makes sure your children receive the best medical care in case they get injured anytime anywhere. And if anything should happen to you, this plan also ensures your child’s continued education. Here’s how we can support you when it matters most:

  • Protected child education plan: An annual amount up to EGP 30,000 will be dedicated to your child’s continued education in the event of your death or disability for up to 10 years.
  • Medical reimbursement: Accidental medical expense reimbursement with double benefit for ICU confinement
  • In-hospital allowance/income: Daily accident In-Hospital Income with double benefit for Intensive Care Unit confinement
  • Monthly ‘catastrophe cash’: in case of permanent total disability up to 240 months. In case of failure to provide proof of serious shortages constantly stops paying the monthly payments immediately.
  • Medical advice: A free second opinion by e-consultation from world-renowned medical centers in the US in case of serious illness
  • Medical Discount Card: under company available networks
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