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An exciting investment opportunity that can help you multiply your savings and reach your aspirations.

You love your family. That’s why you work hard day and night to save for their future. International Wealth Builder, IWB, was developed with that thought in mind. With bonus allocation in the first year, it offers you a regular and organized approach to build up your savings, as well as provides you with a customized insurance protection, so that you’re covered on all fronts. Here’s what it includes:  

  • Life coverage (optional): Giving you and your family peace of mind for a long time to come
  • Short-term disability: MetLife will pay one-month premium into the account value up to a maximum of 24 months in the event of short-term disability caused by accident or sickness
  • Upfront bonus: Added to your account on day 1
  • A wide range of investment strategies: Take advantage of choosing the investment strategies that suit your financial objectives (conservative, balanced, aggressive and Islamic funds), allowing you to switch between different strategies up to 4 times each year
  • Cash withdrawals: You can make partial withdrawals any time you want after the second year  
Life Insurance

We’ve developed flexible products because we know that not every family has the same needs.

Accident & Health Insurance

Give yourself and your family peace of mind with financial protection against accidents and sickness. We have a variety of products to cover you against any possible scenario.