Stories Like Yours

We know that it is not easy to identify the product that best suits your needs, circumstances and budget. So, in this section, we have some stories of people and organisations who have benefited from choosing the right insurance or savings solution.  

Here you will find a series of stories which show how our products have helped others

  • Support during medical emergencies

    Support during medical emergencies

    Shafik wants to make sure that his employees have the necessary financial support in case of a medical emergency.


    "My name is Shafik and I have my own business which I started 8 years ago. My company began as a small unit of 5 employees, marketing electronic products nationally, but over the years, thanks to the progress we made, we have expanded beyond Egypt to other markets in the Middle East and Asia."

  • Importance of employee benefits

    The importance of employee benefits

    Massoud understands the importance of Life and Medical insurance benefits in designing compensation packages for employees


    "Hi, my name is Massoud and I am the HR manager of a multi-national organisation. The primary objective of my job is to attract, retain and motivate talented staff, and let me assure you that this is not an easy task."

  • Saving for your future

    Saving for your future

    Ahmed knows that he had the financial strength to fulfill his dreams because of his disciplined approach to savings


    "Hi ! My name is Ahmed. I am 45 years old and have a graphics design company here in Egypt.

    I've worked hard all my life and ever since I graduated from college, I have always dreamt of setting up my own business. Designing is a passion for me and I enjoy the independence of being my own boss !."

  • Mortgage protection for your home

    Mortgage protection for your home

    The mortgage insurance taken by her husband helped Riham cope with the financial impact of his disability.


    "Hi, I'm Riham and I'm married to Khalid for 11 years now. After living in Egypt for 5 years , we finally bought our own villa two years ago. It was the dream house that we always wanted - large and with a beautiful garden for the children to play in.
    When we bought it, we used up some of our savings and the rest of the cost, we funded through a mortgage that our bank provided."

  • Insure your lifestyle

    Insure your lifestyle

    Samir could count on his insurance to protect him from the immediate financial impact of not having a regular income.


    "Hi, my name is Samir and I worked as a Guest Relations Manager in an international hotel chain. I am single and I moved to Sharm el-Sheikh 8 years ago. I love this place - the sun, the sea and the people"