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SME Pre-packaged solutions

A host of innovative products you can pick and choose from, to create a plan that sets your company apart from the competition.

Employee benefits are increasingly becoming the criteria that employees value the most when looking for a job. Needless to say, employee job satisfaction is directly linked to the growth and prosperity of your business. If you’re looking to hire the best talents, we can help you design an attractive package, including:

  • Four packages to choose from: Meeting both your budget and your employees’ needs
  • Group life insurance: Covering your employees against death due to natural death besides Accidental death, as well as permanent and partial disability due to accident and sickness
  • Medical insurance: Comprehensive healthcare solutions for your employees with the option to include their dependents 
*Minimum joining criteria for SMEs is from minimum 21 employees up to 300 employees

Tailor-made Solutions

Healthcare packages that can be customized in every way to fit your organization and employees’ needs.

Group Personal Accident

A wide range of products offering your employees protection against accidents at a very competitive premium.