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Mortgage Loan Insurance

A critical and rapidly-growing insurance in the region offering your organization peace of mind with every mortgage. Sometimes you lose customers that are good for your business because they want to borrow lots of money but they don’t have much saved up. So how can you retain these customers without risk? By offering them our Mortgage Loan Insurance, covering them if I they can’t make their payments due to God forbid loss of life, total permanent disability and/or Critical illness. This is how it works: 

  •  Comprehensive coverage: Full protection against mortgage loans, including maximum limits against God forbid death due to any cause, total permanent disability and/or Critical illness
  •  A reliable service team: We work with clearly defined benchmarks for transaction processing and handling enquiries
Consumer Loan Insurance

Financial support in times of need, protecting both your interests and customers.

Credit Card Insurance

High-level of coverage that can be tailored to the needs of your card customers.