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Credit Card Insurance

Your customized insurance solutions for all the different types of credit cards that you offer customers.

It’s understandable for your customers to think twice before accepting a credit card – especially if they have a family. They might want to buy them the world, but then they worry about being in debt in case something happens to them. That’s why we’ve developed a market-leading credit card insurance, offering your customers the financial coverage they need. This is how we can work together:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Offering full protection against credit cards’ outstanding balance, including maximum limits
  • A competitively priced product: Our insurance solutions are affordable for all your customers, no matter the segment
  • Added value for your customers: A benefit that goes straight to the card holder, making your products more attractive
Consumer Loan Insurance

Financial support in times of need, protecting both your interests and customers.

Mortgage Loan Insurance

A critical and rapidly-growing insurance in the region offering your organization peace of mind with every mortgage.