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Pension Defined Contribution Plan

A retirement plan designed to encourage your employees to stay with your organization based on their years of service.

Customer loyalty is important for the success of your business – but have you also thought about employee loyalty? It’s an interconnected formula for success. That’s why we’ve developed a unique pension plan, encouraging your employees to stay with your organization. Here’s how we can also help you ensure the continuous success of your organization:

  • A defined contribution plan: This means a percentage of contribution will be deducted from employees’ each month – and another percentage will be contributed by you, the employer
  • A unique approach: We manage pension contributions through our in-house investment department, unlike other providers who manage it though a third party implying a higher cost
  • A safe strategy: We make no investments in the stock market – all our strategies are limited to fixed income instruments like Treasury Bills and Bonds, as well as bank deposits  

Tailor-made Solutions

Healthcare packages that can be customized in every way to fit your organization and employees’ needs.