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Accident & Health Insurance

Give yourself and your family peace of mind with financial protection against accidents and sickness. We have a variety of products to cover you against any possible scenario.

El Khomase (Olympic)

A plan that looks after your family financially in case you no longer can.  

Halakat ElHemaia (Circles of Protection)

A plan that looks after your family the way you want it to.

Awladna (Child Care)

Designed specifically to cover your child for a brighter future.

Personal Accident Direct Issue (PAD)

Immediate financial protection for you and your family.  

El Hemaia El Faekah (Critical Care)

The smarter health plan, designed to protect you only against what you’re prone to.

Extra Med

An innovative surgical compensation plan for you and your entire family.

New Forever (Annuity Certain)

Protecting your family’s lifestyle against disability with guaranteed monthly payments.