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Request a Medical Approval

To help you get the best possible support, our medical officers are readily available to review your proposed medical treatment to ensure:

  • Your medical needs are always being met
  • The necessity of the medical treatment you require
  • How eligible you may be for this treatment
  • The treatment is covered within your available policy limit
  • Guidance and recommendations on the best possible provider within the network

*Prior approvals are not required during emergency cases. 

Submitting your documents is very simple, choose any of the below methods available:

  • Now you can Request a medical Approval using the MetLife eServices Application & E-service Website.
  • HCIS* Medical provider with prior approval facility on site.
  • Emailing MetLife at

o   We are open 24/7 & will reply within 2 to 3 hours for completed requests.

  • Sending a fax to: (+202) 279 29 166 / (+202) 279 29 174


*Prior approval is valid for 7 days and only at the approved location.
*You may follow up on any previous queries by dialing us on 19097.

You may request a prior medical approval in any of the following cases:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Out-patient surgeries
  • Non-emergency hospital admissions
  • Advanced cardiovascular investigations
  • Outpatient medication above 1000 EGP per prescription
  • Advanced radiology test (MRIS & CT scans with contrast, nuclear scans)
  • Advanced lab investigations (hormonal assay, viral or tumor markers)

To help smoothen your prior medical approval process you are requested to submit the following documents:

  • Your credentials (name/ group number/ certificate number)
  • Medical report or treating physician prescription for the requested procedure
  • Name specialization of desired provider
  • Any further supporting documents (radiology report/ lab analysis/ detailed medical report) relevant to the desired medical service 

Find a Medical Provider

Choose the right doctor for your unique healthcare needs.


Our website and mobile app make it easy for business policy holders to locate medical providers, submit a claim or request for medical approval. Click here to visit our website.