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Health Tips

Come Join Us to know the Amazing Benefits of a Smart & Healthy Ramadan!

The Holy month is often seen as a time to practice self-discipline, sacrifice, and empathy.

Following simple guidelines during the month of Ramadan, may help you keep your weight and gut health in check, and even improve your overall wellbeing. Alternatively, over-indulging at Iftar and Suhoor can cause unfavorable health events like bloating, sleep issues, and even weight gain.  Some tips to help you lead a smart and healthy holy month:

  • Drink plenty of water between Iftar and Suhoor. It is important to drink non sugary fluids to replace what you lose during the day (at least 10 glasses).
  • Suhoor should be a wholesome meal providing you with enough energy to last until Iftar. Eating complex carbohydrates, such as fruit and vegetables, beans, chickpeas and lentils, will provide you with a long-lasting source of energy throughout the day.
  • Eating three dates to break your fast is a traditional and healthy way to begin Iftar. Dates are an excellent source of fiber. Your Digestive system during the 16 hours of fasting is at slow function. Dates will give the digestive system a good jump start in a healthy way.
  • In general, avoid fried and processed foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Enjoy your meal and avoid overeating by eating slowly or even at intervals.
  • Sugary sweets are a trap! They can make you more tired, causing food coma due to insulin surge; and even thirstier next day. Enjoy one or two finger sized pieces per day and that is stretching the limit too!
  • Ramadan is the month of fasting not overeating. Guaranteed if you eat right, drink right and move right you will maintain or even shed some extra weight.

Happy Fasting