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EL Khomase (Olympic)

A simple accident insurance plan protecting your family’s financial security against unexpected circumstances.

We know you work hard every day to safeguard the future of your family. But did you know there are extra measures you can take to ensure the continued financial stability of your loved ones if something were to happen to you? Olympic offers you invaluable peace of mind in the event of an accident that causes you permanent disability or death. Here’s how you can rely on us:   

  • Lump sum payment: Paid in the event of disability or death due to an accident
  • Weekly income: Continued financial stability for you and your family if you stay in the hospital due to accident
  • Medical reimbursement: Covering all medical expenses due to an accident
  • Individual and Family options: Children’s coverage up to 2 children free (under family option)
  • Additional Benefit for Children: up to 12,500 EGP
Savings & Investments

Take advantage of our safe investment opportunities today for a more prosperous tomorrow.

Life Insurance

We’ve developed flexible products because we know that not every family has the same needs.