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An innovative health insurance plan covering the costs of any surgery you or your family might go through.

Good health is what keeps you going, whether you’ve got a company to expand or a family to get back home to. This is why we’ve developed Extra Med, a unique protection plan that’s designed to cover you against any surgical expenses that you or any member of your family could experience. You can always count on us with:

  •  Covered surgeries: Amount paid based on the percentage of each surgery specified in the policy
  •  In-hospital daily cash: You can add this optional benefit to secure daily cash up to maximum of 5 days per surgery
  •  Tailored to your family: You take out this insurance for yourself only or for your entire family with no limitation on the number of kids
  •  Easy reimbursements: Claims can be settled directly through our medical network or in cash
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Take advantage of our safe investment opportunities today for a more prosperous tomorrow.

Life Insurance

We’ve developed flexible products because we know that not every family has the same needs.