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The perfect investment opportunity to help you achieve big goals for yourself and your loved ones.

We know you don’t want your family to settle for an average life. You want the best things for them, whether it’s sending your children to study abroad, building the perfect summer house for memories that last a lifetime or just saving for your retirement. No matter what your dreams are, we can help you achieve them with investment strategies that can be tailored to your unique aspirations. Here’s how we can work together:

  • A wide range of investment strategies: Take advantage of choosing the investment strategies that suit your financial objectives (conservative, balanced, aggressive and Islamic funds), allowing you to switch between different strategies up to 4 times each year
  • Life coverage included: You have two options to choose from, either death benefit or account value, whichever is greater – that’s a payout in the event of death versus the amount that the investment portion of your policy is worth – or account value only
  • Low minimum investment: Starting at EGP 6,000 only, making it as easy as possible to realize your dreams
  • Cash withdrawals: You can make partial withdrawals any time you want after the second year.
  • Extra protection: Free accidental death benefit included making sure you get your goals done no matter what
Life Insurance

We’ve developed flexible products because we know that not every family has the same needs.

Accident & Health Insurance

Give yourself and your family peace of mind with financial protection against accidents and sickness. We have a variety of products to cover you against any possible scenario.